Did you know the average carbon footprint for a person in the United States is 16 tons, one of the highest rates in the world? 

Protecting our planet is everybody’s responsibility. We do what we can on our end to extend the life of our planet, and we take pride in having customers who do the same.

As a consumer, you hold the power in choosing where to spend your hard-earned money. It is your moral responsibility to choose to support companies who are participating in the betterment of the Earth's future. We make that effort not only by creating products that are non-toxic, but also by using "mindful packaging" design.


Our packaging choice for GEO plays a big part in our initiative to take care of our planet.

We currently use pouches made from 28% post-consumer resin (PCR). We plan to use 100% PCR as soon as the resources are available to us. Our shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled content , 95% of which is post-consumer waste. They are curbside recyclable & naturally biodegradable.


Why is flexible pouching better than plastic bottles?  

Recycling PET preserves two-thirds of the energy normally required to make new plastic, which successfully lowers greenhouse gas emissions by 25% and dramatically reduces solid waste generation.

Our pouches can be broken down into recyclable regrind, or tiny pellets that serve as the main raw ingredient used to produce other forms of flexible packaging or even items like plastic tables, benches, and even dog toys. Flexible pouches also reduce raw material distribution and storage needs. Our pouches have many eco-friendly benefits over the rigid plastic bottles traditionally used for vitamins and supplements.